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“Transforming Retail Spaces with Advanced Pole Mounting Systems”


Paypost at the Retail Technology Show in Olympia London

Paypost is set to exhibit at the forthcoming Retail Technology Show (RTS) scheduled for the 24th to 25th of April, 2024, at Olympia, London. This event is a premier gathering that showcases the latest innovations in retail technology, offering a platform for businesses to discover new solutions and network within the industry. Paypost will be welcoming visitors to their stand, 6K07, where they will present their advanced modular pole mounting systems designed to enhance retail operations. This show is an excellent opportunity for retail professionals to experience the magic of retail transformation. For more information and updates, you can visit the Retail Technology Show website.

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About Our Products & Our Modular Technology

At Paypost, we excel in advanced modular technology tailored for contemporary retail spaces. Our product range, known for its adaptability and seamless integration, addresses the evolving demands of modern retail settings. Focused on both functionality and design, our modular pole mounting systems provide unmatched solutions for organising and showcasing POS electronic devices.

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Development and installation case study

In 2023 Paypost collaborated with a major Australian retailer to create a customised solution to the challenge of securing and organising a range of POS electronic equipment within a dynamic retail environment.

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Welcome To Our Family

Joining the Paypost family means becoming part of a pioneering team dedicated to reshaping the retail landscape. Our passion for innovation and commitment to excellence drives us to create modular technology solutions that not only meet, but exceed, the expectations of our clients.

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Innovation at the Forefront:

Be part of a team that leads in retail technology innovation, constantly pushing boundaries.

Collaborative Culture:

Engage in a collaborative environment where creativity and teamwork are valued and nurtured.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Join a company that prioritizes customer needs, ensuring satisfaction and success in every project.

Professional Growth:

Experience opportunities for personal and professional development in a dynamic and supportive setting.


Discover our range of modular solutions

Explore our diverse range of modular pole mounting systems, each meticulously designed to enhance your retail space. Discover solutions that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, tailored for every retail need.

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Our EFTPOS Unit is a sleek, secure, and versatile solution for your electronic payment needs. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, it integrates seamlessly into any retail setting, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for you and your customers.

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SCO Unit

The SCO Unit is a cutting-edge self-checkout solution, offering an efficient and user-friendly experience for customers. Its innovative design ensures ease of use and enhances the speed of transactions, making it an ideal choice for modern retail environments focused on customer convenience and operational efficiency.

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The ASSISTANT Arm 1 is a versatile and robust solution designed to support and enhance the functionality of your retail equipment. It’s engineered for durability and flexibility, allowing for easy adjustments and optimal positioning of devices to meet the specific needs of your retail environment.

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The ASSISTANT Arm 2 is an advanced, flexible arm solution designed to enhance the efficiency of your retail setup. It features improved ergonomics and strength, ensuring stable support for a variety of devices, while its adaptable design allows for easy repositioning to suit diverse retail needs.

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The POD KIT is an innovative solution for retail environments, offering a compact and efficient way to enhance customer interaction and service. It’s designed for versatility and ease of use, providing a streamlined approach to integrate various retail devices and services in one accessible unit.

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The EFTPOS Unit on the Paypost website is a sleek and secure electronic payment solution designed for retail environments. It emphasises functionality, style, and seamless integration into various retail settings, aiming to ensure smooth transaction experiences for businesses and their customers.

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  1. Adjustable Interface Cradle: The cradle at the top adjusts to hold various device sizes securely.
  2. Robust Swivel Mechanism: In the middle, there’s a swivel mechanism allowing for smooth rotation and angling of the device for optimal user interaction.
  3. Stable Base and Mount: The bottom part illustrates a sturdy base with a mount to ensure the unit remains fixed in place during use.
  4. Tool-Free Quick Release System: Our unique tool-free system allows for quick adjustability without the need for any tools, ensuring a perfect solution for both fixed and mobile applications, whether operated by a person or used for self-service.
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We are a leading manufacturer and designer of innovative display solutions. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, we help brands around the world bring their products to life and create memorable experiences for customers. Our Retail Display Manufacturing and Strategy Design Services provide a complete solution for businesses seeking to enhance their retail display offerings and improve their overall business strategy. We leverage our expertise in engineering, production management, and business strategy to help companies take their retail display systems to the next level.

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